Angioplasty Risk and Complications

Angioplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to improve blood flow to the heart by opening narrowed or blocked blood vessels. Although it is considered to be a safe procedure if in safe hands, there are some risks and complications associated with it.

Like other medical procedures and treatments, angioplasty also has its own negativities that can be harmful to patients in the long run. The degree and rate of risk severity purely depends on the site of procedure and the age of the patient.

The chances of complications are believed to be higher in aged people mainly above 75 years of age, diabetic people, those with low immunity, people suffering from kidney diseases, and those with extensive heart problems. Apart from this researches have also revealed that women as compared to men are more susceptible to possible risks and complications of angioplasty.

Some of the common risks of angioplasty are as follows:
. Severe bleeding from the site of surgery
. Serious damage to blood vessel or heart valves
. Disturbances in heart rate
. Re-narrowing of the treated vessel or artery
. Pain and bruising at the site of surgery
. Chances of blood clot in the area where the catheter was inserted
. Possibilities of heart attack and heart stroke
. Severe kidney issues or even kidney failure in some cases
. Drug allergy that can further cause harm to the overall health
. Blockage of blood supply to the heart
. Blockage of artery
. Abrupt closing of an artery during the procedure
. Allergic reactions and infections at the punctured site
. Skin rashes and other similar skin conditions
. Low blood pressure
. Possibility of asthma
. Nausea or vomiting

However, risks associated with angioplasty may differ from person to person. In the worst case, sometimes even death can occur as a severe complication. In response to all these risks and complications, researches are continually being done to make the procedure safer and better in all possible ways.

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