Causes of Heart Disease

The incidence of heart disease is highest in India across the world. Our country, with a population of more than a billion, accounted for about 60 percent of the world's heart disease cases in 2010. Contrary to the popular belief that only men are affected with heart diseases, women today are dying mainly from heart problems.

There are a number of causes leading to heart diseases. The leading one is our eating habits. It is considered as the root cause of all heart problems in our country. Indian people gorge on food. Here, taste takes precedence over the nutritive value and heath benefits of a food item. Moreover, Indian preparations involve excessive use of oil and ghee that are high in cholesterol. When such food is consumed, cholesterol deposits stick to the walls of arteries thereby reducing the blood-carrying capacity of the arteries. This, in turn, leads to the insufficient supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart and gives rise to coronary heart disease.

Another reason is the lifestyle change. Though technology is considered to be a boon for the 21st century, but it has lead to a devastating change in people's lifestyle, especially of the youth. The active lifestyle has been replaced by sedentary living. People prefer to watch television, surf the Internet, chat on mobile phones rather than taking part in some physical activity like sports, exercising, etc. Even at workplaces, people spend hours sitting on their desktops. Such an inactive routine have given rise to obesity and blood pressure problems from a very young age. This indicates that higher rates of heart diseases will be seen in the future among young people.

We also have a high incidence of diabetes that is directly associated with cardiac complications. Genetic abnormalities also lead to heart problems. Some children are born with a defective heart structure or an abnormal heart functioning.

Smoking and drinking have become a fad for the young generation. However, both these habits have serious implications for the heart. It is estimated that the longevity of today's kids will be lesser than that of their parents.

It is a wise saying 'Better late than never.' Even today if we take a vow to adopt healthy living, our chances of getting cardiac problems will be minimized largely. We can simply start with regular walks, which is a very good exercise for the heart muscle.

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