Coronary Artery Disease

The heart is an important organ of the human body that regulates the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients in and out of the heart. From this muscular organ, nutrient and oxygen rich blood travels through the body and fulfills the demands of all body cells. This pumping and transfer of blood is done through coronary arteries and hence these serve as life saving fuel pipes.

Coronary arteries are composed of muscle fibers that hold the power to decrease or increase the blood flow by contraction or relaxation of the muscles respectively. In the process of contraction and relaxation, these fibers regulate the blood flow to the body parts. Any kind of damage or disease in these heart muscles can drastically hamper the normal blood flow and result in coronary artery diseases (CAD).

CAD is the most common type of heart disease that is considered to be a leading cause of death in both men and women across the globe. There are many serious and fatal diseases that can be caused by damage in the heart muscles or arteries.

A condition called atherosclerosis commonly occurs because of such damage. This disease mainly develops when the arteries becomes clogged or narrowed due to plaque made of fat and cholesterol build-up on the inner walls of the arteries. As the condition gets aggravated, less blood can flow through the arteries, causing a heart failure or even death.

Angina is another CAD that results in chest pain or discomfort. The disease occurs when the required amount of oxygen rich blood is not flowing to the heart muscles. In such cases heart does not get the optimum nutrition for survival and starts showing signs of squeezing, jaw pain, and back pain.

Heart attack can also occur if the artery is damaged because heart stops to function when blood flow to a section of the heart muscle is blocked. This can lead to serious health problems and can even prove to be fatal if not given immediate attention.

These diseases are serious health conditions that are often caused by variety of factors like excessive smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, unhealthy food intake, diabetes, and sedentary lifestyle. All these causes can be very dangerous if not take care of at the right time.

On the contrary, healthy dietary habits, an active lifestyle enriched with regular exercise, and reducing the stress level can dramatically prove to be life savers. Such lifestyle changes can not only slow down the progression of CAD but also prevent occurrence of such deadly heart diseases.

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