Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart attack has become a common cause of death in the country as well as across the globe. It occurs when the flow of blood to the heart suddenly gets blocked that in turn causes breathing trouble and discomfort in chest. Most of the people ignore such minute pain and discomfort but the fact remains that such an attack is known to be a silent killer of both men and women.

It is good to know that science and technology has introduced many ways to save lives and prevent disabilities. Accessibility to modern technologies and heart disease treatment has now become easy and convenient. However, to enjoy this kind of availability, an individual has to be cautious and take the required treatment immediately after the symptoms occur. To make it work the best way, it is very important that people should know the signs and symptoms of heart attack.

Some of the major warning signs and symptoms are as follows:

. Discomfort in chest or chest pain is a common sign of all heart diseases. No one should take this pain lightly and should certainly consult a doctor or a cardiologist immediately after the occurrence of chest pain. If the pain is because of a heart attack then it often occurs in the center of the chest and gives a feeling of pumping pressure on heart.

. Palpitations or irregular heart beats also is a warning sign of heart attack. To notice this kind of disturbance a person should be aware of the heart beat rate and heart rhythm. Apart from such disturbances, if a person feels shortness of breath while normal breathing it is certainly a cause to worry.

. Dizziness and fainting also points out to be a warning sign. Extremely high or low blood pressure, extreme anxiety and excessive stress often results in reduced blood flow to the brain. This in turn disturbs the operation or functioning of the brain and eventually leads to fainting. Although there are varied other reasons associated with fainting but it is best to get a thorough check up.

Apart from these major signs of heart attack there are other visible symptoms like swelling, numbness, anxiety, sweaty skin, nervousness, paleness, jaw pain, and nausea that should never be ignored. So, if any such symptom is experienced or noticed, it is best to consult a cardiologist and get immediate diagnosis.

One step to a doctor in worst cases can prove to be one step between life and death. Hence, one should never ignore such symptoms and get regular check-ups done.

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